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About Rowan Cheung

Rowan Cheung is the founder of The Rundown, a rapidly-growing AI newsletter dedicated to informing millions about the latest advancements in AI and how technology is transforming the world. In under three months, The Rundown has attracted over 120,000 subscribers who depend on its content to stay up-to-date with the AI field. Rowan is also the creator of Supertools, a database website that compiles the best tools mentioned in his newsletter, boasting over 100,000 monthly users.

Notable Achievements:
  • Founder of The Rundown, an AI newsletter with over 120,000 subscribers
  • Creator of Supertools, a database website with over 100,000 monthly users

Relevant Links:
Sharing the latest developments in the world of AI.

Connection to Castmagic

Rowan Cheung featured Castmagic in one of his famous twitter threads, as one of the first AI tools in the audio-to-content space:

Why We Love Rowan

There are numerous reasons why we love Rowan Cheung, and here are just a few that make him an invaluable member of the AI community:

  1. Passionate Educator: Rowan's dedication to educating others about AI advancements demonstrates his passion for the field. Through The Rundown, he has created an invaluable resource that helps thousands of subscribers stay informed and engaged with the latest AI breakthroughs.
  2. Innovative Entrepreneur: As the founder of both The Rundown and Supertools, Rowan has shown exceptional entrepreneurial skills, bringing his innovative ideas to life and creating valuable resources for AI enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  3. Community Builder: Rowan's efforts to connect with others in the AI community and feature their projects in his newsletter highlight his commitment to fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. His willingness to showcase the work of others has helped many up-and-coming AI projects gain recognition and visibility.
  4. Accessible Expert: By making complex AI concepts and news digestible for a wide audience, Rowan has made AI more accessible to people from various backgrounds. His ability to break down complicated topics and present them in an engaging manner makes him a reliable source of information for both experts and novices in the field.
  5. Enthusiastic Connector: Rowan's eagerness to learn about and promote cutting-edge AI tools and projects showcases his genuine interest in the field and his desire to help others succeed. His enthusiasm for sharing the latest developments in AI is contagious, inspiring others to join the conversation and contribute to the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

So, it's no surprise that we love Rowan for his passion, innovation, and dedication to building a thriving AI community. His work with The Rundown and Supertools has been a foundational piece of the AI ecosystem.


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