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Human quality audio & video transcription, done in seconds.
Show Notes
Timestamps, topics, and all your show note needs done instantly.
Short summaries of what is discussed in the show and broken out by each speaker.
Social Content
Tweet threads, Linkedin Posts, Quotes for clips Hooks, CTAs, and more.

Time is money.

Draft written content from media files in seconds.

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Pull Out Time Stamps
Write Summaries & Bullets
Write Content For Each Channel
With Castmagic
Perfectly Accurate Transcript
Timestamped Overview & Notes
Key Topics, Bullets, & Summaries
Ready To Use Quotes & Highlights
Ready To Post Social Content
ChatGPT for your media files

Personalization Converts.
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Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
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Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
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Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
Analyze cashflow
Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.

love Castmagic

"A tool that my team uses that i mentioned in the live show is Castmagic. It helps make ALL of our show notes today and time stamps."
Noah Kagan
Host of Noah Kagan Presents
“Castmagic has been the single biggest unlock for our podcast productivity.

This allowed us to focus on conversation over post production."
Ramon Berrios

Trusted by the best content teams

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Jake D
Executive Producer, Maxwell Leadership

Castmagic has been a game changer for me and my team. As our two podcasts have grown to over 35 million downloads, we needed to find a way to streamline some of our process, especially when I came to curating content for our social channels. What I'm consistently impressed with about Castmagic: 1. It’s easy to use 2. The team is constantly rolling out new and helpful features. The longer we’ve been customers, the better it’s gotten 3. The team is extremely responsive and incredibly helpful. 4. It’s a TIME SAVER! Thanks, Castmagic Team!

Jordan | Accelerant Agency
Agency Owner

I've probably used a few thousand softwares in my lifetime. Instantly, Castmagic is already in the top 5%. It's a simple to use software with features that JUST work. Excited to see where this one goes. If you're on the fence, just buy it. Even if you don't have a podcast but just need to transcribe and create content. This one will be a winner.

Doctor & Podcaster

Quick note. I am just going through my transcript and AI Content. I kid you not I let out a huge sigh and said "F***, this is so fantasitc!" (excuse the expletive...)

Tanya S
Youtuber & Podcaster

Wow... And It Keeps Getting Better I have been looking for a way to easily summarize my weekly live stream. After each show, I pull the audio & video files, so this made it easy to test out CastMagic. Well I was indeed surprised at what it could do! I reached out to support for a question or two and get a quick & thorough response AND within just a day or so, I found out even more features were added to make this a new favorite! Now I can take my streams and turn them quickly into shownotes & even a blog. It's great and I went back to upgrade. Maxed it out! Happy with this purchase.

Helen G
Host of 2 Podcasts

Hi, my name is Helen and I host two different podcasts. For 3 years, I've edited and published many of my own episodes. As someone early in my career as a content creator, I believe Castmagic has created something special and necessary for the creator community. So grateful for them. I use this software to create clips, and title episodes. This is an all-in-one title generation and time stamp platform to unlock your show's full potential. Definitely recommend using this!

Matt Brown, MBCrea8tion
Podcast Host & Producer

As someone who hosts, produces and promotes his own podcast (Every L Podcast) and for others as well, I can say without a shadow of a doubt Castmagic is an ESSENTIAL tool kit to being more productive when it comes to extracting key points from your episodes, including titles, tweet treads, LinkedIn post and an AI chatbot to ask for any additional information I may think of that isn't automatically generated. Excellent tool and great customer service. Highly recommended

Olivier C

Honestly, I can tell that Castmagic is on the path to be the best Voice to content tool. I tested the others. The transcripts aren't bad and suggestions accurate. Yet, Castmagic suggestions are way more tuned in.

Course Creator

Bought!! Not sold... 100% BOUGHT-IN. Congrats on the awesome enhancements! As a consultant and educator, I’m really excited to put the Coaching/Meeting presets to work.

Genie D
Speaker @ Podfest

This is a podcast game changing tool. I have been sharing castmagic with the podcast community and at the upcoming Global Podfest event.


Wow! I use castmagic for all my client meetings. I can customize AI content to write my follow ups, takeaways, action items and more. 10 stars!!

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