About us

We want to make content simple. Less labor. More magic.

As podcast hosts, too much time was wasted in post production to share the incredible content from our guests and convos. So we created the fastest way to extract all the content from your podcasts in one simple tool.
We are on a MISSION

Are you spending too much time or money just to get production ready assets out of your episode?

We were too. Too many creators don't have the time or resources to derive impactful assets from their shows, and there was no alternative.
Not anymore. We built Castmagic to make content extraction dead simple.

18 Languages supported

Castmagic works in English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Simplified), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

Say hello to your new content workflow...

Timestamps & Topics

Automate the busy work so listeners know exactly what's in each show.
Timestamps down to the second
Key topics tied to timestamps
Multiple formats to choose from

Shownotes, taken care of.

Shownotes and episode descriptions done instantly.
What was discussed
Bullets and key topics
Quote cleanup and extraction

From long form to short form

Help your listeners get straight to value.
Single blurb summaries
Summarize by each section
Key topics with bullet points

Magic Chat

ChatGPT for your audio file. No token limits.
Simple Chat Interface
Custom prompts and content
Ask for any content piece you can dream of

Social Ready Content

Instantly output content with purpose built formatting for each platform.
Twitter ready to publish threads
LinkedIn posts optimized for engagement
Content for short form clips
Podcasts & Creators
Minutes of Content Processed
Languages Supported

We power the best podcasts

Castmagic powers the shownotes and content extraction for the best podcast creators.

For creators, by creators.

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Product & Design

10x your podcast content.
The most powerful podcast AI, at your fingertips

Save Time
Key Bullet Points
Instant Show Notes
Transcription & Content