Turn audio into content, like magic.

Timestamps and topics for shownotes.
Content Extraction
Cut the fluff and zero in on the most important parts of your content, instantly.
Bullets & Briefs
Get TL;DR summaries that actually make sense.
Tweets & Social Posts
Automate the legwork of turning long form audio into ready-to-post social content
Quotes & Hooks
Automatically pull out the most meaningful quotes & CTAs for each speaker

All the assets you need to turn audio into growth.

High quality transcript of your recording, with all your speakers labeled.
Magic Chat
ChatGPT for your own audio file. Take your context and create ANY asset.
Custom Prompts
Customize content outputs to your needs. Full control to tailor the AI prompts.
Timestamps & Notes
Your recording broken down into timestamps and detailed shownotes you can copy paste.
Quotes & Clips
Meaningful quotes, with the speaker name, timestamp, and a title for your quote.
Social Media Assets
Newsletter, linkedin post, twitter threads, and more ready out of the box.

How it works.

Casts to Content in 3 steps

Try out castmagic free
Upload MP3 or Paste Youtube Link
Choose the episode you want to work on.
Select Outputs
Select what kind of assets you want out.
Your Work is Done
CastMagic delivers your content instantly.

More content, less manual work

Choose any file

Upload MP3, MP4, M4A, WAV, AAC
Copy paste a YouTube or Reel link
Sync your entire RSS feed
Or Sync Zoom, Drive & more via Zapier

Select Your Outputs

Summaries, Shownotes, Social Posts
Blog Articles, Memos, Lead Magnets
Email Drafts, Content Playbooks & more
Create content from multiple recordings

10x Your Content

Endless content integrations via Zapier
Multiple clips and highlights from any file
Draft any content piece to match your style
Turn long form to short form

60+ Languages supported

Castmagic works in English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian,Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Simplified), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian & many more.

Say hello to your new content workflow...

Timestamps & Topics

Automate the busy work so listeners know exactly what's in each show.
Timestamps down to the second
Key topics tied to timestamps
Multiple formats to choose from

Shownotes, taken care of.

Shownotes and episode descriptions done instantly.
What was discussed
Bullets and key topics
Quote cleanup and extraction

From long form to short form

Help your listeners get straight to value.
Single blurb summaries
Summarize by each section
Key topics with bullet points

Magic Chat

ChatGPT, but for your audio file with no token limits.
Create your own custom prompts
Simple chat interface, based on your own content
Draft content across multiple recordings

Social Ready Content

Instantly output content with purpose built formatting for each platform.
Twitter ready to publish threads
LinkedIn posts optimized for engagement
Content for short form clips

10x value from your recordings. The most powerful content AI, at your fingertips

Save Time
Customizable AI Content
Summarization & Key Bullets
Instant Show Notes
Transcription & Content
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