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Timestamps, topics, and all your show note needs done instantly.
Short summaries of what is discussed in the show and broken out by each speaker.
Social Content
Tweet threads, Linkedin Posts, Quotes for clips Hooks, CTAs, and more.

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Perfectly Clean Transcript
Timestamped Shownotes
Key Topics, Bullets, & Summaries
Ready To Use Quotes & Highlights
Ready To Use Social Content
ChatGPT for your Audio file

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Scan invoices, automate data-entry and route approvals, effortlessly, automatically.
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love Castmagic

"A tool that my team uses that i mentioned in the live show is Castmagic. It helps make ALL of our show notes today and time stamps."
Noah Kagan
Host of Noah Kagan Presents
“Castmagic has been the single biggest unlock for our podcast productivity.

This allowed us to focus on conversation over post production."
Ramon Berrios

The best pods use Castmagic

Don't just take our word for it...

Rocki H

I have to tell you I am really excited by what you're building. As a side hustling podcaster, this can not only save me time but real dollars. I pay a virtual assistant to do some of the work your tool is going to allow me to do in seconds.

Nathan M

Epic, thank you. So far my observation is that other AI podcast tools are not nearly as advanced and impressive as your platform is! Already got so much value from using it! I would say you have a big chance of getting ahead of the game, as this market is of course going to go NUTS. Thanks again.

Doctor & Podcaster

Quoick note. I am just going through my transcript and AI Content. I kid you not I let out a huge sigh and said "F***, this is so fantasitc!" (excuse the expletive...)

Helen G
Host of 2 Podcasts

Hi, my name is Helen and I host two different podcasts. For 3 years, I've edited and published many of my own episodes. As someone early in my career as a content creator, I believe Castmagic has created something special and necessary for the creator community. So grateful for them. I use this software to create clips, and title episodes. This is an all-in-one title generation and time stamp platform to unlock your show's full potential. Definitely recommend using this!

Matt Brown, MBCrea8tion
Podcast Host & Producer

As someone who hosts, produces and promotes his own podcast (Every L Podcast) and for others as well, I can say without a shadow of a doubt Castmagic is an ESSENTIAL tool kit to being more productive when it comes to extracting key points from your episodes, including titles, tweet treads, LinkedIn post and an AI chatbot to ask for any additional information I may think of that isn't automatically generated. Excellent tool and great customer service. Highly recommended

Olivier C

Honestly, I can tell that Castmagic is on the path to be the best Show Notes provider. I tested the others. The transcripts aren't bad and suggestions accurate. Yet, Castmagic suggestions are way more tuned in.

Kat A.
Host of eHackHerHealth Podcast

Aloha! I transcribed my 1st episode and I'm already blown away with all the generated content! Thanks for the awesome product!!

Genie D
Speaker @ Podfest

This is a podcast game changing tool. I have been sharing castmagic with the podcast community and at the upcoming Global Podfest event.

Podcast Producer

Wow! I have already started with two episodes. I'm very happy so far, I actually think I might purchase another account for my personal needs.

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