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About Zain Kahn

Zain Kahn is a startup executive, advisor, and investor with an impressive track record of helping companies acquire over 8 million users and generate more than $20 million in revenue. Since late 2021, Zain has been operating as an investor, advisor, and fractional marketing executive to early-stage companies while building multiple media properties as a creator. He has previously served as the VP of Marketing at CareGuide and has built marketing channels in the SaaS, B2C, Marketplace, and Fintech spaces. Zain currently advises startups backed by top-tier VCs like Y Combinator and DCVC, and is building the world's largest AI newsletter, Superhuman, with over 170,000 readers from companies such as Apple, Google, and Meta.

Notable Achievements:
  • Helped startups acquire over 8 million users and generate over $20 million in revenue
  • Invested in startups that are now valued at $100m+ to $500m+
  • Creator of multiple media properties generating 400 million+ impressions annually
  • Founder of Superhuman, an AI newsletter with over 170,000 subscribers
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About every 5 years, you'll be switching into a new game. Your instinct will always be to keep doing what you're doing. But the reality is that every 5 years you need to unlearn a lot of the old habits that served you well and start building new ones from scratch.
Connection to Castmagic

Zain Kahn featured Castmagic in his Superhuman newsletter, introducing it to a large audience of AI professionals and enthusiasts.

Why We Love Zain

Zain Kahn has earned admiration and respect within the startup and AI community, and here are just a few reasons why we can't help but love him:

  1. Startup Guru: Zain's impressive track record of helping companies acquire millions of users and generate substantial revenue speaks to his expertise and understanding of the startup landscape. His keen insights and experience make him an invaluable asset to any company he works with.
  2. Mentor and Advisor: As an advisor to startups backed by prestigious VCs like Y Combinator and DCVC, Zain's guidance and support have contributed significantly to the success of numerous ventures. His wisdom and ability to identify growth opportunities have made a difference in the lives of many entrepreneurs.
  3. Media Maven: Zain's knack for creating media properties that generate millions of impressions annually showcases his understanding of the digital landscape and his ability to craft engaging content that resonates with audiences.
  4. AI Advocate: As the founder of Superhuman, the world's largest AI newsletter, Zain has demonstrated his passion for AI and commitment to fostering a well-informed community. With over 170,000 subscribers, Superhuman has become an essential resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  5. Inspirational Thought Leader: Zain's insights and quotes, such as his thoughts on unlearning old habits and adapting to new challenges every five years, inspire others to continually grow and evolve. His ability to share these valuable life lessons encourages others to reflect on their own personal and professional journeys.

In summary, Zain Kahn's multifaceted accomplishments in the startup and AI ecosystems have earned him a well-deserved place in our hearts. His expertise, passion, and dedication to helping others succeed make him an inspiring figure that we can all learn from and admire.

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