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Perfect Transcripts From Your Media in Seconds

Customizable for any use case.
Draft written content from media files in seconds.

Speaker Detection

Sections for each unique voice.Automatically detected.

Human Grade Accuracy

Our AI transcription models are the most accurate in the world.

Edit & Customize

Edit and fine-tune, find & replace words, and split by section.


Download customizable TXT, SRT, VTT, CSV. Toggle speakers & timestamps.

Shareable & Interactive

Shareable links of your transcripts, linked to the media file with word level timestamps.

60+ Languages

Transcribe with exceptional accuracy in over 60 languages.

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Turn all your audio & media into written gold.

Castmagic is the best way to turn your audio into written content like magic. Perfect transcripts, endless content.

Best In Class Transcription
Speaker Detection
Perfect For Any Professional Use Case
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Transcribe your meetings to generate content

Instantly transcribe your meetings from zoom, google meets, and even in person meetings recorded on iOS.

Then use the context of all your saved meetings to draft AI generated content in seconds.

Fast Transcription
Label Your Speakers
Auto Generate AI Content
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Turn audio and media into marketing assets in seconds

Leverage content in audio, video, and other media files as sources for your content roadmap.

Fast Transcription
Generate Marketing Assets
AI Content From Your Media Sources
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Turn sales calls into revenue within seconds

Instantly transcribe sales calls. Then use AI to write drafts based on the information unique to the conversation.

Instant Transcription
Key Points & Overview
Follow Up Content Assets & Sales Collateral

Need to Transcribe on the Go? Put Castmagic iOS in your pocket

For Professionals & Creators who take content seriously.


Castmagic Transcription

Automate all the tedious work instantly

Other Software

Time intensive
High cost
Low accuracy
Not editable
Not interactive
Can't Build AI Content
200 mins included
Done in seconds
Affordable pricing
Industry Leading 90%+ accuracy
Quick Edits & Shortcuts
Interactive & Shareable
Create AI Content from Transcripts
200 mins included

The Best Creators Love Castmagic


"A tool that my team uses that i mentioned in the live show is Castmagic. It helps make ALL of our show notes today and time stamps."

Noah Kagan
Founder Appsumo, Host Noah Kagan Presents

Time Saver


"As our two podcasts have grown to over 35 million downloads, we needed to find a way to streamline some of our process, especially when It came to curating content for our social channels. It’s easy to use and a TIME SAVER!"

- Jake Decker
Executive Producer, Maxwell Leadership

Easy To Use


"Castmagic's AI tools are super easy to use. I just upload my video assets and in a few clicks, it provides suggested titles, Instagram captions, tweets and more. It really saves me and my team a ton of time!"

- Justin Moore
Creator Wizard
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