Cracking the Code of Successful Live Streams with Stephanie Garcia

the best stream format to hook the audience, how to get people excited, and the secret to a great production

About the Episode

Welcome to today’s episode of Uploading. Today we have the pleasure of talking with Stephanie Garcia.

A seasoned digital marketing expert with an impressive 15-year career at top agencies, Stephanie Garcia is a live video strategist with a proven track record, and the host of Lights, Camera, Live a show dedicated to empowering small business owners to step into the spotlight with live streaming. Her work has been recognized and awarded by Forbes, Online Marketing Media and Advertising, PR Daily, Forrester, and Gartner 1to1 Media. She has spoken at Social Media Marketing World, VidCon, Podcast Movement, and many more.

Are you thinking of starting live streaming this 2024? Want to know how to get more viewers in your streams? Or how to repurpose content from your live streams?

Love this episode? Be sure to join Stephanie on April 24th at Leap by Ecamm Live for her keynote Creators: The Next $1B Business.

Today, we'll cover:
- Stephanie's innovative strategies for repurposing live stream content across various platforms
- The importance of distinguishing content levels for different audiences and leveraging social media for real-time engagement
- How dedicating a long-form live stream to platforms like YouTube can enhance discoverability
- Stephanie's 10x10 content formula for generating fresh and relevant video ideas
- Stephanie's insights on approaching live streams with the right mindset, the role of teleprompters, and effective audience interaction
- A closer look at the success behind Stephanie's live stream for the MasterChef cookbook, which garnered 178,000 downloads in a single day

2 Ideas from the Podcast

Idea #1: Maximizing Content Reach Through Strategic Repurposing

Stephanie Garcia demonstrates the effectiveness of maximizing a live stream's reach by strategically repurposing content. Some of her strategies include:

1. Utilizing Cutting-Edge Tools: Stephanie leverages tools like Castmagic to transform a single live stream into up to 94 pieces of content. This demonstrates her innovative use of technology to expand her message's footprint beyond the original broadcast.

2. Cross-Platform Content Dissemination: She meticulously spreads her repurposed content across various social media platforms. For example, long-form content is saved on social media and YouTube, bolstering discoverability on Google.

3. Content Tiering for Different Audiences: Stephanie tailors repurposed content to cater to beginner-, intermediate-, and advanced-level audiences. This differentiated approach ensures that her content remains relevant and engaging for viewers with varying degrees of expertise, thus broadening her reach and retaining viewer interest across different segments.

Idea #2: Engaging Live Stream Interactivity

Elevating the dynamism of live streaming through real-time audience interaction can significantly enrich the viewer experience. To take advantage of this, you can use:

1. Real-time Engagement Techniques: Stephanie Garcia underscores the importance of directly engaging with her audience during live streams, using social media's innate interactive capabilities. This engagement ranges from responding to viewer comments in real time to hosting Q&A sessions, thereby fostering a sense of community and belonging among viewers.

2. Consistent Scheduling and Pre-Promotion: To ensure her audience knows when to tune in, Stephanie relies on consistent live stream scheduling. She fortifies this with strategic pre-promotion methods, like utilizing Instagram Stories. This primes her audience's anticipation and participation, leading to heightened live interactivity during the stream.

3. "Show-Up" Strategy: Stephanie also shares her method for getting audiences to show up for live events by encouraging calendar subscriptions. This strategy not only serves as a reminder but also as a commitment device for viewers, thereby enhancing the likelihood of a larger and more engaged live audience.

1 Key Learning: Leverage Live Streaming for Maximum Content Impact

Stephanie Garcia showcases an approach to turning live streaming into an all-inclusive content strategy that can generate numerous shareable pieces from just one event. 

First, by employing tools like Castmagic, creators can take advantage of the spontaneity of live streaming to generate an array of content for various platforms, thereby maximizing each live session's reach and effectiveness. Instead of viewing live streaming as a one-off event, it's a springboard for many engaging content pieces designed to capture different audiences.

Second, Stephanie's 10x10 formula for content creation showcases the importance of being in tune with your audience's needs and curiosities. Answering the top ten frequently asked and should-ask questions not only provides valuable content but also establishes authority and trust within a specific niche. This methodical approach encourages regular content production, making the task less daunting and more strategic.

Episode Timestamps

00:00 Transitioning from ad agency to consulting, live streaming
04:42 How to get people excited to join a live stream
08:58 Different frameworks for live streaming
10:33 Expert tips for B2B live streaming
15:26 How to drive 178,000 book downloads in 24 hours through live streaming
16:42 Generating content ideas with Stephanie Garcia’s 10x10 Formula
18:49 The mindset you need to become a successful live streamer
19:32 How to choose the right platform for your live streams
22:01 Leveraging social media for better discoverability
24:54 Repurposing live stream content with Castmagic
26:13 Keeping old live streams on YouTube for clients

Navigating Digital Marketing Careers: "And so I left that ad agency world, started my own consulting agency, and to my surprise, fellas, everyone was calling themselves, like, a social media strategist. And I was like, well, how do I separate myself from the sea of sameness?" — Stephanie Garcia [00:02:26 → 00:02:40]

Innovative Engagement Strategies: "It's one of those things where you just have to do a pattern interrupt in social media to get people to stop, look, and listen to what it is that you have to say." — Stephanie Garcia [00:03:35 → 00:03:41]

Engaging Audiences with Social Media Polls: "So a lot of times I'll do polls. What do you think about this? If you could change one thing about Castmagic, what would it be? And so you get people involved in those conversations." — Stephanie Garcia [00:06:28 → 00:06:36]

The Importance of Prep in B2B Livestreaming: "And I think what also makes a B2B livestreaming show suck is if you don't do a tech rehearsal with your talent, right? So, like, all of us, we showed up, we're like, oh, hey, check your mic, right? Because we know that we're going to repurpose this content." — Stephanie Garcia [00:11:59 → 00:12:15]

Viral Marketing Success: "And so within that, within 24 hours, we had 178,000 downloads of her book. The client came back and was like, we've never seen this much engagement before. We've done live streams and no one showed up. But how did you get these people to show up? And that's really, that's the fascination fast track." — Stephanie Garcia [00:15:54 → 00:16:10]

Successful Live Streaming Strategies: "It's not about the gear. It's about the gears up here. How do you connect and engage with your audience? Create a run of show where, yes, you are going to engage with your audience in real-time, but you're also going to deliver value, and then at that point, hit the live stream button and run with it." — Stephanie Garcia [00:19:59 → 00:20:13]

Leveraging Social Media for Discoverability: "Yeah, I would say if you want to leverage the social media platforms, the benefit to it is that it gives you better discoverability. So it's easy for people to find you." — Stephanie Garcia [00:22:01 → 00:22:10]

Catering to Different Audience Expertise Levels: "And so knowing how to differentiate your content from beginner, intermediate and advanced is one of the best ways. So I would say, like, hey, hang out with me on YouTube, and this is like your getting started tutorial, but oh my gosh, if you want the full framework and the case studies, then you have to go into the community." — Stephanie Garcia [00:23:35 → 00:23:51]

The Power of Longevity in Social Media Content: "Oh, it still lives in perpetuity on social media platforms. So I still have people watching videos from three or four years ago, still wanting to learn how to go live on Facebook." — Stephanie Garcia [00:26:21 → 00:26:26]

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