Mastering LinkedIn: Viral Growth & Authentic Engagement Secrets with Logan Lyles, Content Evangelist at Teamwork

Logan shares his content creation workflow, how he would grow from zero followers on LinkedIn, the secret sauce for content repurposing, and a lot more!

About The Episode:

Logan Lyles, is the Head of Evangelism & Content Marketing at, and host of the "Agency Life" and "Nearbound Marketing" podcasts.

Logan walks us through the importance of audience research, why LinkedIn could be a goldmine, and how a bit of authenticity can transform your strategy. Logan also breaks down the art of turning conversations into impactful content, and gives us a front-row seat to his strategic approach towards building an engaged audience.

On this episode, we cover:
- Journalism, B2B tech sales & content creation strategy.
- LinkedIn and how creators can maximize the platform
- Start by recording conversations and voice notes
- Repurposing content across formats
- Niche communities, employee advocacy, and the potential of short form video in 2024.


IDEA #1: Leveraging Everyday Interactions for Content Creation.

Transform day-to-day interactions into viral content by adopting these strategies:

1. Record Client Conversations: Capture client meetings and discussions (with consent). For example, sharing insights from a client interaction on LinkedIn can serve as product marketing on a small scale. As Logan explains, it's like showcasing your service delivery through real-life examples, offering visibility into your business's value and processes.

2. Internal Team Dialogues: Regular team meetings are also gold mines for content. These internal dialogues can be recorded (when appropriate) and repurposed into educational or thought leadership content that resonates with listeners on LinkedIn.

3. Develop Conversation-based Content: Position your content strategy around conversations and storytelling. Whether it's an interview with an industry expert or a casual team chat, it can be repurposed.

IDEA #2: Blueprint for Starting on LinkedIn from Zero Followers.

We asked Logan for his playbook on starting his LinkedIn journey from ground zero:

1. Start Following Influential People: Identify and follow influential individuals in the niche relevant to your field. This helps to understand what type of content resonates well with the audience you aim to engage with.

2. Engage with Content through Comments: Begin by engaging with posts from those influential accounts through comments. This not only builds visibility but can also stimulate conversations and establish your presence without having to create content from scratch.

3. Connect and Upscale Comments into Content: After engaging through comments, start connecting with the people who interact with your comments. Eventually, upscale the most successful comments by turning them into your content, which can be shared to start building your following.


The power of incremental influence.

You don't need a massive following to create waves. Value the one-to-one connections you make and the small ripples they create. As time goes by, they become a powerful flow of influence, matching up against any big but not-so-deep engagement.


00:00 Path from journalism to b2b marketing.
05:20 Use tools to find top creators, engage.
09:51 Leverage tools to create, share engaging content.
11:42 Utilize Castmagic app for recording internal conversations.
14:26 Leveraging AI to quickly create branded video clips.
20:36 Consider audience's online location for marketing strategy.
22:33 Small companies have an advantage for content creation.
26:07 Embrace using tools to create quality content.
30:08 Create invitation-only LinkedIn content groups, encourage sharing.
33:09 Alex Hermozi is the new Gary Vee.
35:41 Engage, connect, and share to grow network.
38:23 Send form, share video, optimize, promote report.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Visibility: "If you scroll LinkedIn after listening to this episode and it says like, oh, Logan commented on this post, and then it shows the post and then it shows my comment, right? I'm getting visibility and I didn't even create a freaking post, right?"
— Logan Lyles [00:06:24 → 00:06:37]

The Power of Short Form Video: "I do think that video, especially short form video, I think anybody listening to this is not surprised by. That's hot right now. YouTube shorts, obviously TikTok, and even on LinkedIn, we're seeing the same sort of trends there."
— Logan Lyles [00:08:17 → 00:08:32]

Leveraging Employee Advocacy in Content Distribution: "how does that work into our distribution strategy on LinkedIn of what we call an employee evangelism program, where we're activating individuals within the team to share that content."
— Logan Lyles [00:09:52 → 00:10:03]

The Power of AI in Video Editing: "And then leveraging some AI, even within that tool to, say, shorten my word gaps, take out the filler words. And now in just a couple of minutes I can apply a template where it's got my captions with our branded font on there, the progress bar with our brand logo."
— Logan Lyles [00:14:28 → 00:14:43]

Social Media Strategy: "where is my audience, right? If they're all on X and you do some of that research, maybe you look at Sparktoro and you look at what are some of the accounts people are following? What podcasts are they listening to, what YouTube channels are they following? Where are those folks repurposing their content? Are they more active on LinkedIn and getting engagement? Are they more active on X and getting engagement? And you might want to follow the crowd that you're trying to gather and see where they're at. So I would say it comes down to kind of that fundamental marketing question of where is your audience at? And go there."
— Logan Lyles [00:21:16 → 00:21:49]

Advantages of Small Businesses in Advocacy Programs: "You don't have the bureaucracy of, if we launch an employee advocacy program, how do we let people in and tell some people no and all the different things and HR and legal and all that stuff, like you got five people, you can work it all out, right?"
— Logan Lyles [00:22:44 → 00:22:57]

Content Strategy in Digital Marketing: "Sharing that in a LinkedIn post is basically like product marketing on a small scale, right? Because the people are the ones delivering the service."
— Logan Lyles [00:24:44 → 00:24:51]

Content Creation Innovation: "Before castmagic was around, when I was at sweetfish, we were using gong or chorus AI, one of those call recording tools, and we were using it exactly for that. And obviously that didn't have any AI built into it, didn't have the quality of recording the audio or the video. But that's why we were doing is we're having these conversations, let's turn that into content."
— Logan Lyles [00:26:11 → 00:26:34]

Effective Social Media Strategy: "Two, they might not know what to say or how to share it or what's involved. And so I think that taking a step back, instead of just saying, hey, will everybody post this? And just begging them take a step and make it an invitation only thing and then sequentially expand that out from there. So kind of think about it in three groups. So just put an invite out there of like, hey, we're trying to distribute content specifically on LinkedIn because it's a big channel for us as a brand who would be interested in sharing or creating content and give them both options, right? You don't have to become a content creator. Maybe you're just willing to be a sharer."
— Logan Lyles [00:30:08 → 00:30:49]

Building a Presence on LinkedIn: "I have a friend who literally had her first three posts on LinkedIn, got like 12,000 views, like 500 connections or something like that. Like when she posted her first post, it said like congratulations for your first post after being a member of LinkedIn for ten years or something like that."
— Logan Lyles [00:36:14 → 00:36:28]

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