26 Social Media Post Ideas for Business To Get More Sales 

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Looking for content ideas for your social media business page? You've come to the right place! The truth is, it seems like everyone’s on social media these days. As a result, there’s a lot of noise making it harder than ever for businesses to cut through, and get the attention of their ideal customers. With that in mind, we thought we’d share some social media post ideas for businesses just like yours to get more sales. Let’s dive in!

1. Tell Your Brand's Story

Using your social media content to tell your brand's story is a powerful way to connect with your audience on a personal level. Start by sharing your company's history, mission, and values. This helps your followers understand what your business stands for and what sets you apart from competitors.  

Showcase your team members and their expertise to put a human face to your brand. By sharing their stories, experiences, and insights, you can build trust and credibility with your audience.

Use a mix of text, images, and videos to make your brand story engaging and memorable.

Repurpose Your Brand Story Video with Castmagic

One powerful way to tell your brand's story is through a video that covers your company's origins, mission, and what makes you unique. A well-produced brand story video can be an incredibly valuable asset, but its utility doesn't have to stop with the video alone.

With a tool like Castmagic, you can take that single video and repurpose it into a wealth of other content assets to use across your social media channels and marketing efforts. Simply upload your brand story video file to Castmagic, and it will automatically transcribe the audio and enable you to:

- Generate pulled quotes, shareable clips, and teasers to use for social media posts promoting the full video

- Create blog post drafts or outlines based on the key messages and stories contained in the video

- Pull compelling discussion questions or talking points to spark engagement with your audience

- Turn the transcript into an email newsletter providing a text summary of your brand story

- Extract speaker bios, keywords, time-stamped notes and more 

Instead of that brand video living as a single piece of content, Castmagic allows you to atomize it into micro-content across all your channels. You'll be able to repurpose and resurface key messages from your brand story again and again, reinforce your positioning, and ensure your story deeply resonates with your audience.

So don't just think of your brand story video as a one-and-done asset. With Castmagic's AI-powered content generation, you can stretch that initial investment much further and amplify your brand's core narrative everywhere your customers are listening and engaging. It's a force multiplier for your content marketing efforts.

2. Highlight Customer Success Stories

Featuring customer success stories is an effective way to demonstrate the value of your products or services. Share case studies that highlight how your offerings solved a specific problem or helped a customer achieve their goals.

Use storytelling techniques to make the content engaging and relatable. For example, you could start with a challenge the customer faced, and describe how your product or service provided a solution. The great thing about this method is that it showcases the results they achieved thanks to your brand. 

Include visuals like images, videos, or infographics to make the success stories more compelling and shareable. 

Turn Customer Story Videos into Social Gold with Castmagic

Rather than just writing your customer success stories as text case studies, consider filming dedicated video interviews or testimonials with your happiest customers. Seeing and hearing their stories directly can be much more impactful and memorable.

Then, with Castmagic's capabilities, you can extract even more value from each piece by generating tons of micro-content perfect for social sharing:

For each customer video, upload the file to Castmagic and let the software automatically:

- Pull quote graphics and short teaser clips from the most compelling customer soundbites

- Generate thought-provoking discussion questions or calls-to-action related to each customer story 

- Create long and short-form text summaries to use as social captions for images of your customer and/or your product/service

- Identify keywords and topics to use for promoting and adding the proper hashtags to the videos

- Extract the customer's bio details to include with shared video excerpts

You can then use all those content pieces to build promotional campaigns for each customer story across channels like Instagram, Facebook,, LinkedIn and more. Rather than just posting the long testimonial video once, you can drip out multiple pieces of content daily/weekly to continuously resurface that social proof. 

Customer stories are marketing gold, and Castmagic helps you squeeze every last drop of value from them. With a steady stream of bite-sized, engaging micro-content, you can amplify the reach and impact of your customer success videos significantly. Your social followers will stay hooked on the inspiring stories, and prospective customers will be motivated to learn more about how you can help them achieve similar success.

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3. Run Flash Sales or Exclusive Offers

Creating a sense of urgency is a powerful sales tactic, and social media is the perfect platform for running flash sales or exclusive offers. Create time-sensitive promotions that encourage your followers to take quick action, such as limited-time discounts or bonus items with purchase. 

Offer exclusive deals to your social media followers to reward their loyalty and encourage them to stay engaged with your brand.  

Use eye-catching visuals and persuasive copy to grab attention and clearly communicate the value of your offer.

4. Go Behind the Scenes

Giving your followers a glimpse behind the scenes of your business is a great way to build a stronger connection with your audience. Share photos and videos of your day-to-day operations, your production process, or your team at work. This type of content makes your followers feel like insiders and helps them appreciate the effort and expertise that goes into your products or services. Behind-the-scenes content also humanizes your brand and makes it more relatable, which can help build trust and loyalty over time. 

Castmagic can Help You Extend the Life of Your Behind the Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes videos that pull back the curtain on your operations, team, and processes can be incredibly engaging content for your audience. They help humanize your brand and build connections. But, like other video content, they have a relatively short lifespan if you only share the full video once or twice. 

Once again, Castmagic can swoop in and help you get much more mileage out of your behind-the-scenes videos! Share your video on YouTube or Facebook, then use Castmagic to generate tons of micro-content and remixes that you can drip out across social channels over a longer period. Simply upload your BTS video files to Castmagic, and in seconds you can:

- Pull short quotes and visual subtitles highlighting your business processes

- Generate text-based behind-the-scenes stories or summaries of key points in your footage

- Identify top themes, personas, and keywords to use for promoting the content 

- Create social media prompts and questions to spark engagement around the videos

- Turn the audio transcript into quote graphics, GIFs, or meme-style image/video remixes

With all these atomized content pieces, you can stretch a single behind-the-scenes video into a whole social media campaign. For example, you could start by releasing teasers and prompts pre-launch, then follow with the full video. After that, continually resurface footage through quote posts, remix visuals, and anecdotal stories over days and weeks. 

This content repurposing approach powered by Castmagic ensures your behind-the-scenes videos get maximum visibility and engagement from your audiences. You'll reinforce brand authenticity and approachability while driving more eyes to your products/services. And you'll get way more value from that video investment.

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5. Share Industry News and Insights

Positioning your brand as a thought leader in your industry is a great way to build credibility and trust with your audience. Curate and share relevant news articles, blog posts, and research that would be of interest to your followers. 

Add your own commentary and insights to provide additional value and showcase your expertise. By becoming a go-to source for industry information, you can attract more followers, drive engagement, and ultimately generate more leads and sales for your business.

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6. Create Shoppable Posts

Making it easy for your followers to purchase your products directly from your social media posts is a great way to streamline the buying process and boost sales. Use features like Instagram Shopping or Facebook Shops to tag products in your posts and enable direct purchases from your social media profiles. 

Pro tip: Use high-quality images or videos that showcase your products in action.

It’s also important to include clear calls-to-action that encourage followers to click through and make a purchase. By reducing friction in the buying process, you can increase impulse purchases and drive more sales from your social media audience. 

Engagement Boosters for Your Social Media Business Page

To close things out, we thought we’d share a rapid fire list of even more ideas you can use to drive engagement on your business’s social media profiles.

7. Run a contest or giveaway requiring participants to like, comment, and share  

8. Post motivational or inspirational quotes related to your industry  

9. Share data visualization graphics highlighting impressive stats or results

10. Give a glimpse into your product development or R&D process

11. Interview industry influencers or thought leaders - This could even lead to you starting a company podcast!

12. Share polls and surveys to get feedback from your audience  

13. Post about company milestones, anniversaries, or award wins

14. Announce new product launches, features, or service offerings

15. Give sneak peeks of products or exclusive looks coming soon

16. Share tutorials, how-to videos, or guides for using your products

17. Reshare positive customer reviews and testimonials  

18. Do social media take-overs with employees or brand ambassadors

19. Run live Q&A sessions via video or start an AMA thread

20. Share relatable memes or humorous industry-related jokes

21. Share employee spotlights and bios 

22. Post throwback photos highlighting your business history

23. Crowdsource ideas or opinions from your audience - this could result in new product or service ideas that could generate even more revenue for your business

24. Share value-added tips and advice related to your industry

25. Use trending audio or effects for creative video engagement

26. Encourage your audience to create user generated content that they allow you to share on your pages


Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media Marketing

Q: What are the best social media platforms for businesses?

A: The best platforms depend on your target audience and industry, but some of the most popular for businesses include Facebook, Instagram,, LinkedIn, and increasingly TikTok. Do research to determine where your ideal customers spend their time online.

Q: How often should I post on social media for my business?  

A: Posting frequency can vary, but most experts recommend daily posts on platforms like Facebook and, while 3-7 posts per week is ideal for Instagram and LinkedIn. The key is maintaining a consistent presence.

Q: What types of content perform best on social media?

A: Video, images, and stories tend to get the highest engagement rates. But overall, content that provides value (entertaining, educational, inspiring) and aligns with your brand voice resonates best. 

Q: Should I pay for social media advertising?

A: Social ads can be effective for expanding reach to your target audience. Start with a modest budget focused on the platforms where your customers are most active.

Q: How do I measure success on social media?

A: Key metrics include engagement (likes, comments, shares), website traffic from social, leads generated, and ultimately conversions and sales. Use analytics to identify your top-performing content.

Q: How can I make my social posts more visually appealing?

A: Use high-quality visuals like custom graphics, product images/videos, memes and GIFs. Tools like Canva make it easy to create shareable, on-brand visuals.

Q: What is user generated content?

A: User generated content (UGC) refers to any type of content - such as images, videos, text, reviews, etc. - that is created by consumers or fans rather than by the brand itself.

Some examples of user-generated content include:

• Customers posting photos or videos of themselves using a brand's products
• Fans creating memes, gifs or other creative visuals featuring a brand  
• People leaving reviews, testimonials or stories about their experiences with a brand
• Users mentioning a brand in social media posts and tagging them
• People participating in a brand's hashtag campaign or content challenge

UGC is valuable for brands because it helps build trust and credibility, increases brand awareness through sharing, and provides a steady stream of authentic content to share on social media. Many brands run UGC contests or feature UGC prominently across their marketing channels to spotlight their biggest fans.

The key benefits of user-generated content are that it's free, on-brand marketing created by real customers, and it often performs better than branded content in terms of engagement and conversion rates. However, brands do need to be sure they have rights to reuse any UGC.

Q: Where can I find ideas for fresh, engaging social content?   

A: Sources include industry news/blogs, customer questions, employee stories, behind-the-scenes content, user-generated posts, and tools like Castmagic that can generate micro-content from existing audio/video.

Sample Content Calendar for Your Business's Facebook or Instagram Page

Social media content doesn’t have to be hard. You can do this. It may not always feel easy to come up with social media post and content ideas, but we hope this list inspired you to create a list of your own. 

Now, armed with your list, we recommend you create an editorial content calendar. This way, you’ll never struggle again wondering what to post on your social media profiles.

Here's a 30-day content calendar with social media post ideas for your business's Facebook or Instagram page:

1. Share your brand's story with a short video or photo collage.
2. Highlight a customer success story with a case study or testimonial video.
3. Run a flash sale or exclusive offer for your Facebook followers.
4. Post a behind-the-scenes photo or video of your team at work.
5. Share an industry news article or blog post with your commentary.
6. Create a shoppable post featuring one of your products.
7. Run a giveaway or contest asking followers to like, comment, and share.
8. Share an inspirational quote related to your industry.
9. Post a data visualization graphic highlighting impressive stats or results.
10. Give a sneak peek of an upcoming product or service.
11. Interview an industry influencer or thought leader.
12. Share a poll or survey to get feedback from your audience.
13. Announce a company milestone, anniversary, or award win.
14. Share a tutorial or how-to video for using your products.
15. Re-share a positive customer review or testimonial.
16. Do a social media takeover with an employee or brand ambassador.
17. Run a live Q&A session or start an AMA thread.
18. Share a relatable meme or humorous industry-related joke.
19. Post an employee spotlight and bio.
20. Share a throwback photo highlighting your business history.
21. Crowdsource ideas or opinions from your audience.
22. Share value-added tips and advice related to your industry.
23. Use a trending audio or effect for a creative video post.
24. Encourage user-generated content by asking followers to share photos or videos.
25. Share a motivational quote or inspiring story.
26. Post a product demonstration video or virtual tour.
27. Re-share an engaging post from an industry influencer or partner.
28. Share a behind-the-scenes look at your product development process.
29. Run a flash sale or limited-time offer to boost sales.
30. Share a recap of your most popular or engaging posts from the month.

Remember to mix up the types of content (videos, images, text posts, infographics, memes, stories, etc.) and to align your posts with your brand's voice and messaging. You can also repurpose and re-share top-performing content from previous weeks or months.

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