Ben Bradbury, Workweek- The Content Blueprint: Craft Your Content Strategy For Explosive Growth

Ben Bradbury, a content expert and GM of Audio & Video at Workweek, joins Blaine & Ramon to share the secrets to launching a successful podcast or content series, and mastering the art of engagement and audience growth.

About The Episode

In this episode, we chat with Ben Bradbury, a content expert and GM of Audio & Video at Workweek, as he shares the secrets to launching a successful podcast and mastering the art of engagement. From the mechanics of distribution to the nuances of co-hosting dynamics, Ben unpacks the essential strategies for creating a podcast that not only resonates with audiences but also stands out in a crowded market.

We cover:
- The critical role of consistency and subscriber growth in podcast success.
- Why understanding your audience's online habitats is key to effective content distribution.
- Strategies for leveraging emotional resonance and trust through podcasting.
- The impact of host dynamics on podcast narration and listener engagement.
- Insights on balancing authenticity and resource investment for content creators.

2 Key Ideas On Content Stregy & Growth

#1: Emotional Resonance for Audience Growth

Foster a deep connection with your audience by resonating emotionally with them and ensuring they feel a part of the podcast’s journey with:

1. Relatable Stories: Ben discusses how they positioned their HR show by sharing anonymized HR horror stories. This allows listeners to see their own workplace or business challenges reflected in the content, creating a bond based on shared experiences.

2. Consistent Engagement: Look at consistency and frequency in podcasting as a means to build a loyal subscriber base. This reliable presence in your listeners lives can establish trust and a stronger emotional connection, much like a friendship.

3. Podcast Dynamics: The selection of a co-host is not just a logistical decision but an emotional one. The chemistry between hosts can offer a more engaging listening experience, encouraging emotional investment from the audience in the podcast's narrative and team.

#2: Unique Listener Experiences through Intentional Branding

Create a distinct and memorable brand for your podcast that resonates with your listeners values and identities.

1. Podcast Segments: Introduce specific segments with intentional names that reflect their content and value proposition. For example, a 'Career Milestone' segment in an HR podcast could feature success stories from listeners, inducing a sense of aspiration and belonging.

2. Audience-Driven Content Creation: Use insights from your audience's pain points to produce content that is highly relevant. This will make every episode feel like a personalized conversation with each listener.

3. Leveraging Host Strengths in Storytelling: Whether it's through anecdotes, insightful analysis, or heartfelt advice, take advantage of the unique strengths of the hosts in storytelling. This turns the podcast into a trusted source of inspiration and connection rather than just hard data.


Embrace Audience-Centric Podcasting

Podcast success is highly correlated with a deep understanding and consistently engagement with your target audience.

Creating content that resonates with your audience's preferences and pain points establishes trust and fosters a loyal listener base, which is essential for long-term podcast growth.

Episode Timestamps

00:00 Explore content strategy with world's top creators.
03:06 Excited to discuss making content successful, launching podcasts.
06:47 Unique HR show features anonymous horror stories.
11:11 Importance of research and understanding podcast goals.
13:56 Hire project manager, delegate tasks, protect time.
18:21 Benefits of co-hosts in podcasting, dynamics importance.
22:16 Choose co-host based on chemistry and format.
25:23 Consistency in podcasting leads to increased downloads.
27:46 Creative podcast network highlights unique interviews and expertise.
31:44 Building trust, selling partnerships, measuring ad efficacy.
34:21 Show's vibe is thoughtful questions, go deeper.


Scaling Content Production: "And so my first move for anyone who's growing a show is looking to scale themselves, would be, number one, install a generalist project manager who can help you with scheduling, who can help you with managing the rest of the team, and really kind of protect your time as an asset and be that shield."
— Ben Bradbury [00:13:56 → 00:14:11]

The Value of Podcasting in Marketing: "And I think a podcaster fills one of those slots. That's the value of podcasting as a marketing channel, is you really function as a friend on demand to that audience because you have that affinity, that emotional relationship and trust embedded."
— Ben Bradbury [00:17:00 → 00:17:14]

Podcast Co-Hosting Dynamics: "So if you have someone in your network you're considering bringing on as a co host, number one is assess for chemistry, make sure that you guys have good rapport. You can read each other well, you can balance conversation well."
— Ben Bradbury [00:22:30 → 00:22:41]

Maximizing Podcast Growth: "If I have 1000 subscribers and I post three times a week, I'm going to be able to get, just from those subscribers, triple the baseline rate of downloads to a show that's posting just once a week. And that's why you pretty regularly see as a pattern shows that are on that exponential growth curve, what I would call the velocity of a show, which is the number of downloads times by the time length that it's on, they'll typically have multiple hits on your feed."
— Ben Bradbury [00:25:23 → 00:25:51]

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